October 29, 2009

‘Technology will determine future of travel in Nigeria’

The face of travel/tourism and  hospitality is constantly changing, travel has not only been a user of technology, it has also become a major driving force in advancing development. During the week, Seyi Jawando,oneof those who plan to bring technology and travel together under one roof in Nigeria, spoke with Vanguard Travels. Excerpts.

Seyi Jawando, Project Manager, Travel Tech

Seyi Jawando, Project Manager, Travel Tech

On what the Travel Technology show  is all about
TTSN will offer delegates a unique opportunity to exchange notes on the impact of technology on the future of the Nigerian travel industry. The event is a two-pronged effort composed of a conference and an exhibition. It will be chaired by industry heavyweights both local and international. TTSN is also designed to render extensive networking opportunities for about 300 {or more) industry top notch who are expected to attend.

The primary objective for the two-day show is also for agenda setting on the imperative of deploying Information Communications Technology (ICT)-based tools for developing the sectors.

It is envisaged that a common consensus would be forged by developing a converging insight into how to further reposition the industry by presenting products and services to decision makers and end users. TTSN also seeks to develop a synergy between end users and innovations providers on service and product delivery via utilisation of cutting edge technology tools.

On the need for the show in Nigeria
Being a dynamic being, man has devised methods and means of meeting his transportation needs with the invention of bicycles, cars and aeroplane in that order and at different times in his never ending journey of adventure to break new frontiers.

Not content with flying the surface of the earth with aeroplane, man has advanced to organising touristic voyage to the Galaxy. Already, Sir Richard Brandson is busy organising trips for tourists into space for a princely sum of $200,000 a time.

In the hospitality world, a model hotel room was displayed in the United States of America recently for all to savour. The major features of the innovation include voice recognition alarm clock set by speaking to it instead of punching buttons, a virtual library of the latest best-selling books, a bed without a mattress, a closet that generates electricity, a 3-D golf course tour.
Also, hoteliers are increasingly working

Global Distribution Service providers are daily coming up with innovations that would make booking, reservations easier for their patrons who provide services in aviation/car rental and other allied sectors, thus easing the way we move and do business globally. 

The essence of the show is to achieve the following:  Highlight the innovations and the inherent benefits to end users; Spotlight the impacts of these innovations to the sectors; Provide a veritable platform for solution providers to meet face to face with end users;  Provide an opportunity for business networking and to become a catalyst for problem solving in the sectors.On the events and the speakers lined up

As envisaged, TRADEBLAZERS has drawn up a list of eminently qualified individuals and organisations to speak on the theme: Technology Meets Travel in Nigeria. Those invited to speak at the conference cum exhibition include, Mr. Femi Adefowope, the Managing Director of HRG Nigeria, Karen Bornheim, Managing Director of Footprints Africa Business Solutions (FABS), Linka Glover, Operations Manager, Amadeus Nigeria, amongst others.
The conference is scheduled to be a two_day event.  During the event, participants would be provided the opportunity to exhibit their latest products and service offerings .

Participants will also be privileged to attend sector specific conference sessions. The entire programme is expected to be rounded off with a Gala Nite at the end of the second day, Endorsement of the Federal Ministry of Aviation has been secured via its relevant agencies.