November 7, 2018

Incompetent politicians fueling ethno-religious crisis- Sen. Bwacha

Sen. Bwacha, Deputy Senate Minority Leader

The Deputy Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha, representing Taraba South Senatorial District, says incompetent politicians are responsible for ethno-religious crisis in Nigeria.

Sen. Bwacha, Deputy Senate Minority Leader

Bwacha, in an interview with newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja, said that 80 per cent of politicians got themselves elected into different political positions by whipping up ethnic and religious sentiments.

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He urged electorates, particularly the people of Taraba to vote candidates on the basis of who they were to prevent weak politicians or leaders from using religion to score cheap political goals.

“I want to say clearly that this situation is not peculiar to Taraba state alone, it is a national problem.

“It is a national problem that is fueled by bad leadership because when people have a lot of inadequacies and they are suffering from complex, they often resort to either religion or ethnocentrism and geo-politics.

“And this thing will continue to play because a lot of people come to contest election not because they have the capacity but because they want to capitalise on tribe or religion as a tool to advance their political interest.

“Most of our politicians don’t have the capacity; they are hanging on to primordial sentiments and we will continue to suffer this problem until our eyes open.’’

He admonished citizens to realise that what the nation needed leaders that would put smile on the faces of the people not sentiment because poverty does not know tribe, religion or geopolitics.

The law maker also warned incompetent politicians  to  stop promoting religion politics because God cherished just and fair leader not religious bigots.

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“There  are unserious Muslims and unserious Christians and in the category of these unserious ones, they actually constitute the trouble makers.

“If a government is bad; it is bad there is no barrier; you either take it or live it, ” he said.

The deputy minority leader, however, advised electorate to learn how to assess people’s capacities to deliver, adding that God was not a religionist but a God of righteousness and holiness.”

“People who serve God are holy people; sin should not be seen in them but you will see an adulterer and a highly corrupt person talking about religion.

“Both Muslims and Christians meet together to steal the common wealth and later they will be talking about religion.

“Most of them are criminals and so this is the problem we have in this country and until people understand this how morally upright are that you are talking about religion.

” We have bunch of criminals all over the land destroying the country and many people have died because of misinformation by these selfish politicians.

“That is the unfortunate situation we found ourselves and it will take a great deal before it will end.”

He advised the people of Taraba to eschew violence and deemphasize primordial sentiment and religion politics to avoid division ahead of 2019 General Elections.