Joyful Homes

November 11, 2018

It’s a season of miracles

By Funmi Komolafe

Brethren, as we move to-wards the end of the year, for many it is a period of stock-taking. It is also a time to reap whatever you must have sowed. 

What have you been sowing as a Christian?  Prayers, praises to God, giving or evangelism?   Whatever you have sowed, there must come a time for harvest.

60% of out-of-school children in Nigeria are girls —Bobboyi

In our last edition of Joyful homes, we learnt some lessons from the life of a woman who gave birth to a child at the age of 67.  There are still quite a number of lessons for all Christians in the story of the couple.  We shall return to that later.

Last week, during the November Holy Ghost night of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, there was another astonishing testimony that brought tears to the eyes of the General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye.

A woman who had waited for 29 years presented for testimony her triplets, two boys and a girl.

Like Mrs. Otubusin who gave birth at 67, she gave birth to her triplets when she was over 50 years.

If we are to go by the knowledge of science, these two women would be said to have reached their menopause and therefore ruled out of childbearing.

But who can say, it is over when God has not said so?

The mother of the triplets echoed the words in our column of last week that we should learn to wait on the Lord.

When God said in Genesis1 verse 28 “ Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:…….”.  He meant every word he said.  Indeed it was a command.

Man, 38, pretending to be female relative defrauds Sen Alasodura of N3m

Therefore God has put in us all what   we need to be fruitful and multiply.   However, in life we are confronted with challenges that may stop this command from being fulfilled.

The seriousness of God’s command is reflected in Psalm 128 vs. 3  “Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy dinning table”.

This also is an assurance that your wife that has been experiencing that delay will surely overcome and bear children.  Note- Children.  God didn’t say one child. So, if you have a child and you are believing God for more, hold God to his word and it will surely come to pass.

The two women that  were earlier mentioned, got married in their 20s. Mrs. Otunbusin who gave birth at 67 told Sunday Vanguard “ I married at 25 “.

Have you asked yourself why these ladies who married  in their 20s could not have children yet the 20s in the life of  a woman is the period that she is said to be very fertile.  So, what went wrong?   Delay might be attributed to physical challenges or spiritual.   Many times, challenges that manifest physically have spiritual roots but no matter what we are passing through either child- bearing related or not, our God is able to free us from every bondage.

Have your written yourself off like Sarah?   Or are you doubtful like Zachariah the priest? Don’t write yourself off because, God has not written you off.

Mr. Otubusin during her interview with Sunday Vanguard said, “ God promised us as far back as November 1977 that we would have a son.   It was when we actually went to a church for marriage counseling before marriage. While leaving the church premises, the young Pastor then, who I learnt is now late, told us that we were going to make history. I kept wondering which history were we going to make. Are we the first to get married?

From this account, it was clear that God knew it would take a long time and that’s why the Pastor told them they would make history.   Did they not make history when the baby was born in October? Of course they made history as the Lord as spoken.

Has he spoken to you and you are doubtful because God spoke long ago?  Brothers and sisters, perish that evil thought that is telling you that you won’t make it. In  the name of Jesus, you will make it. God will grant every desire of your heart.

Mrs. Otubusin gave a piece of advice that is useful for every couple waiting on the Lord for the good things of life.

In her words: “Anytime I was down my husband’s hope will come up.  When his was down, I would remind him of God’s promise. So it was good for the two to agree on a vital desire. And as Christians, we were determined that we won’t look elsewhere”.

These words emphasize the essence of cooperation.  Many homes that God had designed to be joyful have been ruined because of lack of cooperation in the home, destructive pieces of advice and bad  company of friends.

But how do we know that it is God that has spoken. Believe the word when it comes from a true man of God. If you receive it in a dream, check it out, is it in line with God’s written word?  If it is, then He has indeed spoken.

For example, God cannot tell you to enter into an adulterous relationship with another woman for the purpose of bearing children.  If any Pastor tells you that, just know that he is not a true man of God.

In the same vein, God cannot tell you to date any man  as you desperately seek to have children.  When such a thought  crosses your mind, sister, it is not of God and it is also an indication that you are moving closer to Satan than to God.

The Otubusins said Pastor WF Kumuyi of Deeper Life Bible Church prayed a simple prayer for them in 1994  saying ,“ Father, let this woman have children for her husband in Jesus name”.

God took his time to answer the prayer.

Brethren, we must learn to trust God. If HE said it, it must come to pass.

Let’s learn something else from the story of the Otubusins.  The father of the baby who is 72 plus said, “ God is faithful.  He never lies.  When God promises, He fulfills it. That’s the whole story. If you worry, worry doesn’t bring anything good for you and, if you don’t the better for you.  God is not in a hurry”.

Sometimes, we undergo big challenges so that our testimony can be earth shaking.  If the Otubusin’s had the baby, two or three years after marriage, their story would not have attracted media attention neither will any Governor visit them. The baby would just have been one of several babies born but God in his wisdom chose to give them the baby at the time that their story would be an inspiration to others.

If God can bless women who have waited for 29 years or 39 years with children, why are you losing hope? Why do you think   the challenge   in your life will not give way some day?    With God on your side and you on God’s side, no matter how long you have had the challenge, it will become a testimony when you least expected.

I don’t know what you are passing through but let the words of the King David in Psalm 25 verse 2 ring in your ears at all times.   It states, “ O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me”.

This season, expect the manifestation of the power of God in a new dimension and be ready for an amazing testimony.