November 18, 2018

When The Grass Next Door is Definitely Greener!

Lately, I’d been prompted by readers to let them know of the love lives of my two close friends, Lilian and Ini.

Well, they are fine and up to all sorts of mischief as usual.  Only a few weeks ago, I called at Lilian’s and was surprised she wasn’t in one of her mumsy house dressed. She had on a pair of sexy leggings and very flattering top.

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“Are you raiding one of your daughter’s closets?” I ribbed. She only laughed at me, calling me a jealous friend who couldn’t stand to see another friend happy. We all know happy here always means a hint at a possible nookie.

“I’ve just hit the perfect bull’s eye!” Lilian cooed excitedly.  “My ears started flapping. Luck seldom comes in ones.  If it’s bad luck, you’re expected to have a run of bad luck.  If it’s the good type, you should expect to have a run of some more!  “I have Saka to thank for what’s happening to me”, she bragged. Was it Saka, her neighbour that lives round the corner from her house and with whom we’d shared a lot of good wine and gossip?

She nodded. Saka has a distinguished looking wife who is a good hostess. It was always a pleasure calling at her well-furnished but relaxing home. She pops into Lilian’s too from time to time with her husband; especially when Rex., Lilian’s husband, is around. Did Saka introduce Lilian to someone?  She shook her head “Better than that”, she told me. “It was a small get-together and we couldn’t have been more than 15 cramped into the parlour.

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“Without warning, Tonia, Saka’s wife, lost her temper. We were all nicely tipsy by now and she shouted at her husband that he was selfish and inconsiderate – then she stormed out. We didn’t know what led to the outburst and we sat stunned and Saka looked really embarrassed. The night was obviously ruined and we all left minutes later.

The next day was a Saturday. Tonia was a work and Rex said maybe I should go round to their house and see if Saka was okay. He claimed he was too tired to bother, but I’m sure it was because he dreaded discussing emotional problems with anybody. So I called round and sure enough, Saka was glad to see me. He had a bottle of left-over wine and offered me some.

He confessed that he and Tonia had been arguing a lot lately. He said she’d gone off sex which made him feel hurt and rejected. And, his frustration was making him irritable because he loved his wife. He didn’t suspect another man. All he wanted was sex once in a while.

“I was a bit surprised as Rex and I were having a similar problem. The difference is that we’ve learnt to live with dwindling sex and we’d not as much as looked at each other in a long while. I knew exactly how Saka felt. Id even accused Rex of having an affair but he’d shaken his head sadly telling me age was no longer on his side.  To make Saka feel more relaxed. I told him I was going through the same problem with Rex.  That whenever Rex rejected my advances, I would seethe and sulk for days. As we both confessed to how horny and frustrated we were, I suddenly realised all the talk about sex, and knowing Saka craved it as much as I, was really turning me on.

“He had a lusty look on his face too. As he brought out the lunch Tonia had prepared for him, he urged me to share it with him. It must have been the wine because we didn’t eat much of the food before we were satisfying a much urgent hunger. Briefly, I found it strange to think of Saka seeing me naked, my boobs dangling close to his face as we made love. It was the most satisfying I’d had lately.  I quickly got into my clothes afterwards, gave him a casual goodbye and went home to Rex. He was ready to go out anyway and I assured him Saka was okay and had even entertained me.

“Isn’t it wonderful how things work out?  Saka and I have made love a couple of more times since then.  He told me he and Tonia argue less now because he knew I’d always be there for him. And, it’s the same with Rex and I – there’s less pressure between us to make love and I’m not so frustrated. Neither of our partners has a clue why things are so much better.

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Saka and I are too careful for that. We choose our moments for sex – when we know our partners are out. If we’re really desperate, we’ll meet secretly in a car park and go off to somewhere private.  We both know we can’t have any feelings for each other beyond being family friends. It really is just sex and it beats any sex toy any day. One day, I know it will all stop. But, for now, it’s so much fun not hurting  anyone and totally satisfying your sexual desire – and that’s a hard deal to give up for now …”

If the truth were to be told, I wasn’t happy with my sex life either. Was I being too careful? Should I be more adventurous like Lilian?  So, when next this slightly younger legislator called, begging for a date yet again, I reluctantly agreed he could call at the house.

He came hours after he’d promised to call, clutching a not so dignifying looking carrier bag which content turned out to be a bundle of lace. What in God’s name was I going to do with no much fabric?  Then it occurred to me it must have been one of the gifts people like him are always lumbered with. Who was it from, I wondered?  One of his female contractors?

Since it was a bit late, I refused to go to anywhere far from the house and we settled for a joint that does lovely outdoor meals. I cringed as he ordered mountain of food, talked in a loud voice and was virtually groping me.

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Why did Vivian and Ini have all the luck with men who know how best to treat a lady>  Why should it be me that would end up with this gorilla who went on and on about his escapades in the house?  It was a relief to see the back of him and I’ve refused to take his calls or answer his text messages.  Oh, you win some and lose some. Maybe I should reassess the few friends I currently have.  Surely, anyone of them would be better than this nightmare I just experienced?