July 10, 2019

New tech fuelling revolution in Internet world, says Omoniyi, VDT boss


By Cynthia Alo

Managing Director of VDT Communications Limited, Mr. Abiodun Omoniyi has said that the internet world is currently experiencing evolution and only a reliable platform can survive it.

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He promised his company will continue providing world class communication services with its recently launched VDT4GLte advanced wireless internet.

Speaking at the launch of the wireless internet in Lagos, Omoniyi said: “There are so many things happening in the world that this evolution will usher in, but we need a reliable platform. The evolution itself rests on connectivity platform, which is what we are launching today.

“Our vision is to provide world class communication service for innovative lifestyles while placing great value on our customers as they remain at the center of our universe.”

Also speaking, Head of Retail Marketing, Mr. Femi Babatunde said: “This product is here to enhance the quality of lives of many Nigerians in every part of the country. We must understand that this is the age that is heavily powered by data service and VDT is here for that purpose.”

According to him, regulatory and high cost of infrastructure are major challenges in the industry but VDT will continue to deploy quality services to address the challenges.

One of the VDT4Glte subscribers, Mr. funsho oyinleye said he has been using the product for six months and it has been a fantastic experience. He urged the company to sustain the level of quality data services it provides to users at the moment.