August 12, 2019

I joined APC to achieve my political ambition— Shina Peller

Shina Peller

By Rotimi Agbana

When Aquila Records henchman, Hon. Shina Peller declared his intention to contest for a seat in the House of Representatvies, under the platform of All Progressives Congress, APC, many wondered why he chose the ruling party   to achieve his political ambition.

Shina Peller

Shina Peller

However, in a chat with E-Daily, Peller who is representing Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Iwajowa/Kojola federal constituency has put the record straight, explaining why he joined the ruling party.

According to him, “I joined APC because I believe that in Nigeria we need an apparent shift of power; and I’m someone that believes in planning. Looking at the structure of the elections, it is always hard to run against an incumbent because they are in power. And in fairness to the incumbent, being a president under a national party that is in power, after ruling Nigeria for four years, it only makes sense that you allow them complete the cycle of eight years before knowing if they have failed or not.”

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Continuing, he added:  “For example, if another government had come into power, like PDP now, if they had won the election, whose budget will the government be using in this first year of their administration? The APC budget. If the new president decides to spend more on security and the past government was spending more on education, automatically it means that year he would have problems; except he wants to go back to the National Assembly and apply for refinement and that is a slow process, that might not be completed in the next six or seven months. So for me, I just saw a reason that APC should be given that chance to complete their cycle of administration and if I would be contesting for the house of rep, it will be safer to do so under the platform of the incumbent party”, he said.

He added; “The second thing is this random shift of power that I said. The president has signed the not too young to run bill. We, the youth need to put ourselves together and I don’t think we can start something within the next 6-months or 1-year and get it right. But we can achieve results in 4-years; that’s if we are serious and want to actually achieve something. So for me,   I know that by the time we complete the remaining four years of this administration, there will be a levelled playing ground for us to elect a youth as a president and the only party that can quickly help us achieve that is APC, if PDP had won that election, we would have to wait till 2023 before we can have that kind of opportunity again”, he said.