February 2, 2020

Photos: China completes emergency coronavirus hospital in just days

China completed building on Sunday a massive, makeshift hospital in Wuhan that will serve as the frontline in battling the coronavirus epidemic, according to a report.

Huoshenshan Hospital was built in less than two weeks to treat patients at the epicenter of the virus that has killed more than 300 people, the BBC reported.

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The hospital, which has 1,000 beds, started construction Jan. 23 and will begin admitting patients on Monday, according to Chinese state media China Global Television Network.

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Around 40 million people tuned into livestreams of the construction on YouTube and Periscope, while workers rushed to complete one of two hospitals that will specialize in treating the virus.

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Chinese officials are still working to build the second emergency hospital, Leishenshan Hospital, which is expected to open Wednesday around 25 miles away from the newest site, CGTN reported.

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