March 27, 2020

CORONAVIRUS: Ex-APC presidential aspirant bemoans Buhari’s handling of  crisis

By Victor Arjiromanus

APC Crisis: Ex-presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba urges respect for constitution
A former presidential aspirant on the platform of All Progressives Congress, APC, Adamu Garba II, has described President Muhammadu Buhari’s approach to the coronavirus outbreak as disappointing.
Garba, a known supporter of the President, urged him to be on the frontline like other global leaders in this time crisis.
In  statement made available to Vanguard, he berated what he termed the President’s silence at a time like this.

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His words:”Despite my well known support for the President Muhammadu Buhari, I cannot go with the fact that I’m grossly disappointed in the way he is handling this Covid-19 Crisis.
President’s, at this kind of time should be on the forefront of the citizens, reassuring them of efforts on safety.
The President’s main constituency is the poor, in his tweets, N10 billion was allotted to Lagos, 5 billion to Nigeria Center Disease Control, but nothing was made available for common men and women who have no means of livelihood against the backdrop of stay-at-home order.
“Why would ordinary Nigerians be last option?
What is more challenging is the complete silence from the President himself, who should take the center stage and show his commitment,  physically, emotionally & mentally in solidarity with the citizens at this trying times.
“All we hear is rumor everywhere, where is the President?
“A democratic nation should not run like this. A situation where our President is not in front of Cameras attending to the citizens cannot be what we hope for in democracy.
“I trust in the President sincere intention for Nigeria, but there must be demonstration in times like this.
“The conscientiousness of a country lies on the Presidential seat. The moral compass of anyone holding such high office should direct citizens by empathy and compassion
“Presidents are like the Sun through which all citizen derives energy, like solar system. Silence is undeserving.
“Who is responsible for poor and vulnerable citizens? Who should be there for them?
“What about the intervention fund released by the CBN? Can ordinary Nigerian access this fund?
“The President needs to come forward and address us properly o  these issues.”