April 26, 2020

COVID-19 lockdown: My fears ― Beverly Naya

With the gloom of COVID-19 looming ominously over our heads, everyone has a sort of fear nudging at them and even so-called celebrities are not left out of the loop.

For British-born Nigerian actress, Beverly Naya, her fear is not of the lockdown but after the lockdown.

“When Nigeria ends the lockdown, I have no intentions of leaving my house for at least another week or two. Gotta be wise and figure out how to actually live in Africa during a pandemic,” she writes on her Twitter handle.

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When she was reminded by one of the respondents to her tweet that Africa is still safer than other continents, she replied thus:

“Every country was once safer than China, remember that time? The UK was once safer than Italy, remember? Yeah, I have started to accept it’s a lost cause”.