June 9, 2020

Acting fuels my music, says Segun ‘Jaygo’ Dada

Segun Dada (sitting) on stage, acting.

Jaygo performing.

By Agbonkhese Oboh

He is the complete artiste and a man of many parts — Segun  ‘Jaygo’ Dada. Singing with a baritone that modulates for any range and key, he is Jaygo. On MTV’s ‘Shuga’ he is fearless Solomon Bada; for ‘Jemeji’, he interprets Zosu, while giving life to Xtra-Large in ‘I Go Blow’.

In a chat Vanguard, he said he recognised his talents early enough, although growing up in a family that loves music and entertainment helped.

His words: “Besides recognising my talents early enough, I was also raised in a music and entertainment-loving family, and so I just kept daydreaming about the performances.”

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Jaygo also spoke on music content and addressing social issues with one’s songs: “The Nigerian music scene has seen some drastic changes in the last decade. So yes, the contents has, indeed, grown.

“However, there, obviously, aren’t many songs in the mainstream media that touch on issues such as rape, kidnap and so on. I have written a few songs that touch on societal issues, but aren’t recorded for release yet.

“Artistes, I think, tend to be silent and shy away from being associated with certain things for fear of losing diverse audiences. But that is gradually changing.

“Soon, we all would have to take societal issues more serious and move from just showing solidarity to being a voice with our arts.”

Dada also said movies were almost there with content: “Once the writers can deepen conversation and the producers can channel some big budget for the Hollywood standards, we should be up there. Some already are.”

On his projects, Segun ‘Jaygo’ Dada said: “For me, right now, acting fuels my music. I’ve always loved music more. It’s why I enjoy performing in the new musical theatre movement of Nigeria now.

“After releasing Eko Lon Pebi and its video, I have decided to return to the stage. This time, doing mainly live performances with my band.

“By doing more live shows at pubs, bars and lounges, I tend to connect more with my audience. It’s what’s made my theatre career blossom, and so I want to channel my music the same way.

“My post-COVID-19 era will be filled with more live music performance with my band, featuring my many of my songs that aren’t studio recorded.

“And then, perhaps, I will record a live album that captures all the magic that I bring to the stage; the kind of magic that is impeded by electronic media.”

Below is the official video of Eko Lon Pebi — a poetic fusion of Afrobeat, Pop and Jazz.