June 19, 2020

Real Estate broker blames Lagosians for flooding

Oluwole Lawal has recently called out Lagos state residents as the reason for the recurrent flooding in major parts of the state.

Wole who is currently a real estate broker and manager of the renowned Seagle Properties real estate firm made this declaration in light of the heavy rains this year.

He lamented that, “Each and every resident of Lagos has played a part in fueling this menace. From building in inappropriate places to the lack of drainage systems and culverts to the irresponsible garbage behavior in the state. This is the result. Every year, people suffer and recover only to wait to suffer again the next year”.

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Wole advised that strategic measures be taken to begin to curb the grosteque effects of massive flooding in the state.

“Forget about the government. Think of what you can do in your own little way. Think proper refuse disposal, think cleaning drainages, think before building, and maybe things will be different”.

He encouraged residents of Lagos State to always be environment conscious and dedicated to doing things the right way in order to save for the rainy day.