August 29, 2020

Southern Kaduna killings: Followers urge pastors to buy guns with tithe money

An empty church

An empty church

By Ibrahim HassanWuyo

Pastor of Vision pioneer Throneroom (Trust) Ministry Kafanchan, Apostle Dr Emmanuel Nuhu Kure has said that
as a priest, people now come to him, asking him to buy arms for them.

“They are calling on their Pastors to take part of the offerings and buy arms for them to defend themselves. That is the level of despair. People are no longer afraid,” he said.

He asked the Federal Government to arrest the senseless bloodshed going on in Southern Kaduna before it leads to revolution.

Speaking at the grand finale of the prayers and indoor protest sessions by Southern Kaduna Indigenes at ECWA Goodnews Church in Kaduna, he said, the present situation, if not arrested, may lead to revolution, where people would be forced to come out and defend themselves against the armed militia.

He said despite the presence of armed soldiers deployed by the Federal Government, the bloody crises in the communities remained unabated.

“I want the Federal Government and all leaders to look at this problem in the eye and face reality. I want to warn now also, that the Southern Kaduna is waiting for an explosion that would bring people out in a mass protest,”

“For the first time in my life, I want to tell the Fulani, that you have gotten your vengeance leave the Southern Kaduna people alone. They are already pained.”

“Though the Fulani are victims of their illiterate leaders. Am saying this because the Fulani don’t have leaders; if they have they should have done something to stop the bloodshed in Southern Kaduna”.

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“I want to challenge the Fulani leaders to find a solution to these problems. Let them meet with their literate leaders and not the illiterate ones. I think the old negotiation under the colonial era has become archaic. We have to make them understand that all Nigerians and other ethnic groups have a right in Nigeria as a nation to live.”

“The problem in Southern Kaduna has gone beyond negotiation, why peace meeting without inviting those people whose relations were killed”.

“President Muhammadu Buhari and other politicians need to stop speaking for the Fulani if they are serious in resolving the problems in the Country and the age-long Southern Kaduna crisis.”

Apostle Kure who is also the National Secretary Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), lamented that “it is unfortunate that those in Government are engaged in peace talk in Kaduna are doing so for pecuniary motives l, insist that they are presently doing all the talks because they have interest”.

“They have reward after organising such peace talks either because the Government will remember them tomorrow, there is no way that kind of person will not be biased,.’

He called for a national conversation were Nigerians can talk to each other.
” Nigeria must begin to talk back again, whatever name government gives it, is not the issue, but this time, on the table, it will not be Ohaneze, PANDEFF, Southern Kaduna Association or Miyetti Allah.”

“In the dialogue, they have to call the real leaders of Fulani to come and sit on that Confab as an entity because they claim they are the highest in population in Nigeria and since they are, they desire a big table to sit on that Confab and talk to the nation. The president should stop speaking for them, politicians should stop speaking for them because they are the reasons this problem is going on.”

” Therefore they must bring them to the table. I want to see a Fulani man standing there as Fulani representative in the next national meeting.”

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