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September 2, 2020

Ikwenene/Ujode Road in Delta: NDDC has failed us, residents cry out (VIDEO)

By Idowu Bankole

A resident in Ughelli North, Local government in Delta state has taken to the street to protest an alleged uncompleted road project in Delta state.

According to the resident, Ambassador Afam, “This is nnene community the road that leads to nnene, this is one of the contracts that NNDC awarded to a contractor that has been abandoned and the community is suffering.”

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“The people are suffering, this is some of the roads that Nigerians will say the project has been completed but believe me this project has probably been commissioned in Abuja, probably been commissioned in Delta state capital Asaba. NDDC has failed. I showed my face to the citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria to say this is ikwe nene road/ujodi the next community I called okwaro, the next community has been tarred even though not tarred, there is drainage at the two sides but they are not working well, we have river by the side but they are not flowing, this is the signboard that was placed here three to four years ago all in the name of constructing this road.”

“This is ikwe nene road to leads to the east-west road of Nigeria. Let us rase our voices to tell Nigerians that NDDC is failing my name is Ambassador Afarm God bless you.”

“This is the east-west road that is adjoining the community and we urge the NDDC to include this road for their forensic auditing, we hope with this the NDDC will take action and see that this road is completed.”

“We hope with this the government will take action. We have always been deceived, and there is no time that we don’t cast our vote for the present government, the PDP is one of them that have been ruling this state they have awarded this road without completion, they will collect the money, and they will say the road has been completed, so we call on NDDC, we call on the federal government, we call on OMO AGEGE, we call on Francis to see that this road is done, water is provided, light is provided.”

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