October 7, 2020

Restructuring, mantra of those that lost out in power game— Don

Institutionalisation is what is needed in Nigeria not restructuring that has been described as the mantra of those who lost out in power games.

This was the position of Dr. Ahmed Suleiman, a rights activist and lecturer, as a guest on Channels TV ‘Sunrise Daily’.

However, he was countered by another guest on the programme, Yoruba Summit Group’s Gboyega Adejumo, who pointed out that institutions cannot be built on a faulty constitution.

Adejumo insisted that “There must be a referendum where every ethnic nationality will be consulted on how they want to be governed.

”Only then can we talk about institutionalisation. For example, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, is known for inconclusive elections.

”Such an institution can only be strengthened in a restructured Nigeria.”

Also supporting Adejumo on the need for restructuring, a member of the House of Representatives, Dachung Bagos, said restructuring is not just theory, but an existential aspect of Nigerians’ lives.

Dachung said: “Security, federal character, employment and many other aspects of Nigerians’ lives will reflect equity with restructuring.

”Within one month, over 30 persons have been killed in my zone, yet no single arrest has been made. How do you explain that?” he queried.

The lawmaker added that referendum must be entrenched in the Constitution and that even the National Assembly needs restructuring to ensure equal and fair representation.

But Dr. Suleiman, held on to his position, noting that restructuring had been with Nigeria over the years since the colonial era with the different constitutions.

“Restructuring is the mantra of those who lost in the power game and are now blackmailing government, trying to pull us apart.

“Let’s concentrate on one system and strengthen institutions around it. Then we can do away with the ones not working.”

He said devolution of power, fiscal independence, state police and other issues can be discussed when institutions are strengthened.