April 26, 2021

Sunday Igboho escapes as gunmen attack Soka residence in Oyo

Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho

By Ola Ajayi – Ibadan

Some yet-to-identified people again attempted to attack Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Igboho), a Yoruba Freedom fighter at his Soka residence, Ibadan, in Oyo state.

The intruders, according to his spokespersons, Mr Koiki Olayomi and Dapo Salami, have confirmed the futile attack on Chief Sunday Igboho.

According to them, the attackers stormed the house around 1:30 am and attempted to set it ablaze but they were resisted by the vigilant security aides of Igboho.

Though, the two aides didn’t confirm if there were an exchange of gunshots, Vanguard gathered that the two sides exchanged gunfire.

Koiki, on his Facebook page said the gunmen invaded the home of Sunday Igboho located at Soka area of Ibadan in the early hours of Monday.

Some residents of the area said they were praying earnestly while the gunshots were being fired.

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Though, one of the spokespersons alleged that the gunmen were from government, there was nothing to prove this claim.

Koiki warned that if the security agents did not leave his boss alone, it might be the beginning of the problem that the government was waiting for.

Koiki said, “The gunmen came exactly 1.30 am. They attempted to enter the house but they were resisted. I cannot confirm the number of those who came. But, they came and they were resisted.

“We are not suspecting anyone, but we know that some people came. They came and they were resisted, that is just it.”

Salami who spoke with Vanguard in a telephone conversation said, “Yes, the hoodlums came to the Soka residence of Chief Sunday Igboho at 1:30 am but there was stuff resistance by our men.”

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When asked if the attackers were able to get Chief Igboho, he said “no” adding that Chief Igboho was safe.

“I have not seen him this morning. But, the attackers couldn’t get to him. He is in a safe place now.”

He added that the bandits attempted to burn down the house but they were unable to do so.

A resident who spoke with Vanguard “wondered why this present government was trying to curry problem for itself noting that why should the government be trailing someone who is just protecting his people when the government has failed to do so.

“There are criminals out there who have been bold enough to own up to attacks on some people, this same government is not after them. It appears the government wants to cause problem in the country”.

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