June 30, 2021

Bach urges higher vaccination rates among Tokyo Games participants

International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach has called for an even greater effort to have more people involved in the Tokyo Games vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In a letter to the Olympic athletes community, Bach said that 84 per cent of the members of the foreign delegations will arrive in Japan already vaccinated.

“Even if these figures are already beyond our initial expectations, I nevertheless appeal to your Olympic ambition and passion to continue to make every effort to make these figures even higher,” Bach wrote.

Members of the IOC staff will arrive in Japan with close to 100 per cent of them vaccinated or immune, Bach said.


“According to our information, some 70 to 80 per cent of the media representatives will also be vaccinated,” he added.

Bach also urged athletes to familiarise themselves with the comprehensive measures against the spread of the coronavirus during the Tokyo Games.

“I need hardly remind you that we are all representing the Olympic Movement, and the eyes of the world will be on us, scrutinising our every action,” Bach stressed.

Criticism on the staging of the Games continues around three weeks before the opening ceremony of the postponed Tokyo Olympics, set to start on July 23.

In recent polls, a majority of Japanese people have spoken out in favour of another postponement or cancellation of the Games.(dpa/NAN)

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