November 6, 2022

Vote for me because I’m competent, not because ‘it’s my turn’ — Obi

By Efosa Taiwo

Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi has told Nigerians not to vote for him based on ethnic or entitlement sentiments, but on the competence he comes with.

The former Anamabra State Governor stated this during the Presidential Town Hall series organized by Arise TV on Sunday.

According to Obi, he has the capacity to take Nigeria out of its current predicament and on that basis should Nigerians vote for him.

He affirmed that it is nobody’s turn but that of the youth and the women.

He said, “Do not vote for Peter Obi because I am from the South East, because I am a Christian, because I am an Igbo man, or because it is my turn. It is turn of Nigeria Youth and Women, It is nobody’s turn.

“I want you to vote for Peter Obi because I am qualified. Because I am competent. I know what I can do to put this country out of the brink.”

On how he would solve the security challenges of the country, Obi stressed the need to strengthen and revive the local vigilante system in the country and have them work together with the police.

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He said, “To provide for every community a vigilante system, that is working, provide them with vehicles, communication equipment, linking them to work with police.”

The presidential candidate also slammed the incumbent government for lack of proactiveness and failure to adhere to intelligence in forestalling the Abuja-Kaduna train attack.

According to Obi, if he was the president, he would have done things differently to avert the tragedy.

“There was a failure of intelligence processor because before that incident happened, from information available, they were already indications of insecurity within that rail corridor as well as previous attempts and intelligence that were ignored. So there was a failure of processing and giving due attention to intelligence which I would have promptly dealt with.

“Two, when it happened, government’s action and communication were weak. If I was commander-in-chief, we would have acted swiftly and through out that process, we’ll have remained in communication and at least, showed consistent empathy to that families of those involved,” he said.