December 28, 2022

Actor, Michael B Jordan spotted watching Bournemouth, Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

Bournemouth co-owner Michael B Jordan was spotted at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday during the Premier League match between Chelsea and his side.

The Cherries battled Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday, losing the game despite a battling performance.

Jordan, who is famous for his role in various Hollywood blockbusters, is part of a consortium headed by American businessman Bill Foley.

In a statement released by Bournemouth, the club said that the Creed and Black Panther actor would “work closely with Bill [Foley] in areas including global marketing and internationalization of the club.”

While Jordan may not have much experience running football clubs, he can help to get the team’s name out there in the press.

The Hollywood star, however, making an appearance at Stamford Bridge could be a hint that the actor is prepared to take a hands-on-approach with his co-ownership of the Cherries.